Friday, August 29, 2014


Once again I filled my morning with the dulcet sounds of NPR and listened to a woman describe the Red Army soldiers captured by Ukrainian forces as "tourists." She said that Vladimir claims that his tourists simply got lost and ended up 30 miles into the Ukraine on the wrong side of the border. Given the quality of our people at the Department of State I was kind of looking forward to Ambassador Pouncetrifle coming forward to offer oleaginous descriptions of how such a tragic affair came to pass and urge the Ukrainian authorities to do the dignified and stately thing and hand the tourists back to the Russians.

I think Keith Laumer and William Lederer had it easy back in the days when they wrote Retief of the CDT and The Ugly American. There was no shortage of material and we know now that the Department of State has always been the last refuge of the ignorant polished turds of the elite ruling class. ....not you of course ambassador cousin Tim.

I found a few pictures of Russian tourists that I like.
Russian Panzer Tourists on the Road

Russian Panzer Tourists in First Class

Russian Tourists Third Class
What can one say about NPR? They offer such a rich breakfast for the mind.


Buck said...

Ah, NPR. I've been listening a lot lately, too, and those people never cease to amaze me. Most of the time I'm patient and wait for inanity to quit and have them move on to the next story. Failing that, I just quit listening. The latter bits have been happening more often than not of late.

HMS Defiant said...

I quit listening after a bit. I'm no longer driving 500 miles at night, needing a fix of insane rabid stupidity to keep my blood flowing, so I can drive safely well into the hours beyond midnight as I head home from San Francisco or north to the Bay Area.