Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I was just looking at what happens here under the hood and was struck by the collapse of the Fire Fox browser.  I myself shifted to either Safari or Chrome many months ago but I find it interesting that many of my readers have done the same thing in recent months. FF used to dominate followed by IE. As of this moment, FF is down to 11% of traffic here. There are actually more holdouts still using IE. It's almost like finding people still using Netscape or Mosaic...

Gee, I wonder what Mozilla did to burn so many bridges almost overnight....


  1. I dunno about the other folks, but I switched from FF to "Pale Moon" when FF forced out one of their big cheeses due to pressure from the "gay mafia" politically-correct crowd. As Tam says on her blog "No me vobis duc", which loosely translates as "You ain't the boss of me".

    1. That is exactly why I shifted to Chrome and safari. I do most of my stuff on a mac so Pale Moon wasn't an option for me.

  2. My mileage varies. From my stats page:

    Firefox (30%)

    Internet Explorer (27%)

    Chrome (26%)

    Safari (9%)

    Opera (2%)

    I left out the cats 'n' dogs.

    1. My overall numbers reflect what you have. I was just looking at a slice in time for the last week and the last month. I don't have any other steps except the life history of the blog and that shows that FF was dominant with IE next. I've never heard of some of the browsers that show up in ones and twos.