Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The last 5 admirals running the navy herd thought that this spiffy nautical uniform was the bomb. One wonders, what happened to

I can't imagine the force that makes a tool wear that uniform. Proof enough, I think, that all admirals are gay.


Buck said...

My next door neighbor is in the Navy Reserve, so I've seen the blueberries close-up. The first time I saw him in his uni I broke out laughing, to his consternation. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Nothing" was my reply... "I just happened to think of something funny right now."

Peace In Our Time.

HMS Defiant said...

Shortly after they were introduced I flew somewhere or other and found a young seaman wearing his spiffy "camouflage uniform". Flying in cammo has long been utterly forbidden in the naval service but he was so deliriously happy to have 'cammo.' All the old codgers went up to him at Sky Harbor and asked him what country's army he was in. I didn't put them up to it. It just happened.