Monday, August 11, 2014


Why exactly is the Vice Admiral running the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington DC wearing this uniform? Give the uniform board mafia another inch and they'll have us all wearing black capes and plastic fangs because the admirals have no shame at all.

He's "Ready Now" to hide behind a tree or Bush, on an aircraft carrier, at sea in the Persian Gulf, because 3 star flag officers do what they gotta do.

Seriously Bill, this is pathetic.

Have some dignity!

Oops. Now you know how I feel on the subject of senior officers wearing combat uniforms when not exposed to combat. It's very close to my contempt for pilots and aviators who wear their rompers to the office on staff duty.

Vice Admiral William Moran, a typical BUPERS thing. [He's too well camouflaged to be called an officer]


Anonymous said...

Today's admirals are about feeding the bearacracy when they should leading by example, making decisions they are paid to make, and openly accepting the risks associated with the decision. There are not enough leaders in our senior ranks, just politicians...

HMS Defiant said...

Very few of the admirals get there by being utter zeros. I knew a number of them. Moran is wearing wings which still means something, unlike the other 2. He must have commanded a squadron of some aircraft well, probably attended nuke school, held deep draft command, commanded a carrier and then, gone on to kowtow at the imperial city.

Well, guys just like him broke Honors and went to Tailhook and claimed they never saw nothing at all. I relied on the aviators to at least keep the faith in command and they were the first ones to let us all down.

I'll write a book someday about how all of our admirals turned craven. They made it an easy book to write.

That's really irritating.

Anonymous said...

I know VADM Moran well, he commanded squadrons as a CO, Commodore and as leader of the entire maritime patrol aircraft community. During one tour at the Pentagon he was in charge of all Naval and Marine aircraft acquisitions to include aircraft carriers. One of the best examples of leadership that I have served under.

Wasn't difficult to find out that the USS GHW Bush was in the Arabian Sea on deployment when the photo was taken. VADM Moran probably flew out for the day from 5th Fleet Headquarters in Bahrain where the uniform of the day is... wait for it... NWU Type III, which is the uniform VADM Moran is wearing in the picture above.

You can debate the common sense of a woodland uniform in a desert location but VADM Moran is wearing the appropriate uniform. He could have also decided to wear a flight suit.

HMS Defiant said...

I don't have a single disagreement with what you wrote. I simply disagree with the NWUs and still maintain that staff officers have no reason to ever wear them. It's a personal philosophy. I am the first to break my personal philosophy when, as a NAVCENT staff LCDR back in 1996 I was the sole maintainer for a number of our pre-deployed trucks, vehicles and generators and I had to cycle the equipment from pre-start through operation to shutdown. I wore desert cammo for that and soon two of the other officers that shared my trailer inside the NAVCENT compound started doing the same thing everyday. One was EOD the other was the MCM TG commander. Oddly the SEAL never wore cammo as far as I can recall.

I think it is silly for admirals to wear a working uniform and hearken back to the days when we had a difference between "Uniform of the Day" and "Working Uniform of the Day."

I'd agree with your last if you specified that he flew aircraft and was engaged in that while aboard or at NAVCENT.

Thanks for contributing and best regards,