Friday, August 1, 2014


It never gets too old for me. It's a real time comprehensive view of our nation's debt, your part of it, and where it all goes. {It's only your part if you pay taxes to the IRS}

I went looking for it today after reading an article that described how Hamas had placed its headquarters under a Gaza hospital in the hopes that Israel would either show enormous restraint, or massacre hospital patients. The article had more comments than I would have thought and I noticed that one of them asserted quite vigorously that the United States had supported Israel with $132 trillion dollars. I wondered about that.

There is at least one person, maybe two, who believe that we took the equivalent of 14 years of our entire gross domestic national economic output and gave it to Israel so they could keep down the Palestinians.  I enjoy a good conspiracy theory along with the rest but that struck me as ludicrous.

If you enjoy quirky romantic comedies, Conspiracy Theory was a good one.  Spoiler: Jean Luc Picard was the bad guy.


Buck said...

Thanks for the link to the Debt Clock. I see they've added some more statistical categories since the last time I looked at the thing, making it even MORE scary than before, and it was pretty scary then.

HMS Defiant said...

It's an interesting kind of foible of the people who believe that if the government believes a parent's debt, or an IRS debt is forever, then why do they keep piling unpayable debts atop unpayable debts for people that never signed up to pay any of it?

I have sympathy for Argentina. A tiny little smidgeon. They kept voting to borrow more and more and more and never did anyone tell them that borrowing has a natural limit. Argentina was once the richest country in the Western Hemisphere.