Thursday, July 31, 2014


It ins't a typo, it's feature.

There are many ways to detect enemy tunneling. Soldiers have been doing it forever. With detection electronics, any tunnel can be triangulated by the sound the diggers give off as they bore into the ground. Modeling the underground using sound is a technique older than this century.

One solution for enemy tunnels is equally ancient but still germane, counter tunnel using sonar to find them and technology to kill them. Back in the old wars it was by introducing high explosive or combustion gasses to the enemy tunnel. Now? Acoustic technology is a 1000 times better.

How hard was it to put a probe into the enemy tunnel and flood theirs with lethal gas? It's a quiet end to a miner problem


Buck said...

Them Palestinians are pretty danged CUTE!

Buck said...

NPR did a segment on tunnels and (military) mining the other day and it was pretty good. Yeah, I WAS surprised.

HMS Defiant said...

NPR is like being in Hell. They do a wonderful story and then turn the full power of their analytic skills on it using the tool kit they have been given and it turns to crap as they decide to blame either Bush or Global Warming. Arguing from a completely fake dialectic every single time is kind of painful to hear over and over.