Monday, July 7, 2014


Movie review.

There were actors and actresses in the movie, I'm pretty sure. It was about willful painful stupidity on a massive repetitive scale. There were explosions and knives and hand to hand combat. There were helicopters going manno-y-helicoptero against emplaced anti-missile guns and missile defense systems on the white house roof.

It was one lone man against an army of commandos from NorK and winning. I'm not really sure how the Force of Order neutralized the dump truck machine gun positions. I'm guessing poison gas was involved.

It was staggering the number of trained killers who eschewed firing from cover for advancing bravely into the fire from mini-guns fired from aircraft or 50 caliber machine gun fire from trucks. It must be a dominant gene that controls that because otherwise you'd think that sort of behavior was weeded out after Agincourt and Crecy.

I was hoping the bad guys were aliens. I guess I should have stuck to Independence Day.

OTOH, it was as if the bad guys all worked for the New York Times. They share the same values and appreciation for history.

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