Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This sucks.

What kind of idiot would fly on Malaysia Airlines today?  Not me.


Buck said...

I was always averse to flying ANYONE other than an American flagged carrier back in the day. There were times, however, when I had no choice... like the time I had to fly China Airlines from Hong Kong to Beijing. It's HARD to hold yer breath for three or four hours straight, yanno?

That said, I did make the occasional exception, flying British, Cathay Pacific, and KLM a few times. There's NO FREAKIN' WAY I'd fly on Malaysia, though.

HMS Defiant said...

I gotta admit. I liked flying KAL. The standard passenger lot at CNFK/USFK laughed at me but, they were left standing around at Kimpo and Incheon when Northwest went on strike and their flights were routinely, not flown.

KAL, superb flight attendants in every single aspect imaginable. On time, every time. The few times we had an issue, when I was carrying guns, they upgraded me to first class. I really liked KAL. Perhaps this is a good thing, since I was commuting to Korea about twice a month for 5 years.

And oh yes....doing the TRANSPAC twice a month....that sucks.