Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I never knew fear growing up. I still don't. Rooftops and the deep woods held no fear for us. There remain places I won't go without a gun, but fear? No. Ever since forever, I figure, I can take them. Still, I like this song.


Buck said...

Very nice. Ms. Melua is new-to-me but won't stay that way long.

Buck said...

So, apropos o' not much... I'm going down my RSS reader and see three posts you put up that don't exist any longer. I thought the genital warts post was pretty good, as were the other two. Wha' happened? An attack of political correctness?

HMS Defiant said...

Short answer, no. I have always let my fingers do the typing. They do well enough on their own.

Plus it confuses them.

sorry about that.

HMS Defiant said...

listened again now with my eyes closed.