Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We were off to the rock-bound coast of Maine and had a great trip, as usual. We stopped along the way and spent a night at my alma mater. I hadn't seen the place since I went to Department Head School in Newport, RI back in 1985. I barely recognized the campus. University Park is brand new and shiny. I like it, but this Penn State is not the same one I attended a mere 33 years ago.

We drove on to spend the next day and night at Newport, RI. I have not been back there since 1985 either. I meant to attend graduation from the War College long ago, because those of us who cannot make it there full time are welcome to attend graduation ceremonies with our class, but I was otherwise detained at the time... I think I was suddenly in Thailand, if memory serves. We visited two of the houses I used to live in there. The first was a little different but still wonderful. The second, unchanged. They were each at opposite ends of Cliff Walk. One was above Bailey's Beach and the other was on Annandale Road above Easton's Beach.

1 Jeffrey Road
From there we went on to our place in Maine. We like Maine a lot. It's a pity they have no internets there but I'm sure they're working on that and as soon as they figure out the electricity thing I'll bet they cotton on to digital in no time at all. I thought I could get around the apprentice digital trogs by bringing a hotspot with me but I failed to consider the ISPs in Maine. They have a monopoly there. They have a service plan that rivals the fire departments that you find in the Rumford Meteor. When the RM talks about various fire departments in Maine's remarkable ability to "save the basement" almost every time there is a fire in a structure....well that's the attitude of Maine's businesses to the idea of offering ANY kind of wifi. They don't get it. Neither does Sprint or Verizon Maine. They had network issues for weeks.

View from the deck of our place in Maine
I keep telling them that there must be some economic advantage to offering internets but the business owners aren't impressed. I must have it wrong. So I went kayaking. We went sailing. We went on cruises. We went out and about and attended concerts and we ate out. Somehow, I survived without the internet. I may write a book about it.

Rivendell in Montpelier, VT


Buck said...

That's a BEAUTIFUL sunset. I assume it's a sunset and not a sunrise, mainly coz you're on vacation. Or you might could just be getting home, OTOH. Wait. Not in Maine, my bad.

I also like the sign in the bookstore that reads "Erotica Self-Help." I need one of those books.

HMS Defiant said...

A sunset indeed. Only fools and madmen get up before dawn while on vacation. Every time we stop in there I laugh at the sign.

OldAFSarge said...

That's not the Vermont I grew up in.

But it is funny.