Friday, July 4, 2014


One of the most despicable things about the current president is his penchant for playing fast and loose with the Constitution. OK, that is too weak. He blithely ignores the Constitution and the separation of powers and does things as his own autocratic tendencies move him. What I don't get though, is why 'Mr. Executive Action' hasn't yet released his brothers and sons from Guantanamo. That place was created by real executive action and could be swept away tomorrow with a stroke from the famed autopen.

He literally wouldn't have to lift a finger to make it happen as he promised many years ago, right about the time he commenced a detailed study of the idea of importing Canadian oil into this country though some radical new device called a pipeline. If I was into actual conspiracy theories rather than simply creating them and floating them about, I'd speculate that somebody with deep pockets is paying him to keep the cousins and nephews on ice while they consolidate their gains in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria.

As with Bill, who suddenly, somehow, amassed a $100 million dollar fortune on the strength of being president, won't we all be shocked to find out that the Won has found great riches while in office and retires to Hawaii with half a billion dollars in his bank account? I wonder where he is planning to locate his presidential library and what he'll do with the two or three pages of notes he scribbled while in office.

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