Thursday, July 24, 2014


We are basking in the warm embrace of the big media. I don't think I remember the city and environs of Cleveland ever making it into the press in such a good way. We have food!

Cuisine second to none!
Seriously, it's a nice place. Speaking as one who inhabited the West Coast for ages, who knew? We also have some really fine cultural attractions. I won't mock them. They are treasures. I'll buy any reader a beer who comes to the MetroPark. Well, maybe just 3 or 4 of you. Get here early, beat the scrum.


  1. What? Dee-troit didn't make the list? I'm crushed...

  2. Detroit is a pure state.

    and it sucks.

    Plus, budding little communists that they are, they probably banned food trucks 20 years ago. In all probability, 40 years ago, so no quesidlilas for you!

  3. There many interesting places to purchase and quaff that beer you are offering!

    1. One or two. I'll review some of them with you at the Academy.