Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I watched Steyn eviscerate the fascists and anti-speech liberal ruling elite in Canada years ago and never doubted he would prevail against them here. How gratifying to see even the liberals notice the stakes in the game.


Buck said...

I, too, watched Steyn's fight in Canada and was VERY gratified that he won. I don't have much doubt he'll win in this brouhaha, too.

HMS Defiant said...

I read some of the law blogs and noted that all of them seem to feel that Steyn is some sort of an idiot which I find remarkable. They then go on to describe how stupid he is for not understanding the finer points of law which necessitate spending millions of dollars on lawyers and spending years in court maneuvers to reach the same conclusion any sane person would have reached after spending an hour listening to the facts and knowing the law. All the lawyers accept it as perfectly normal to spend years thrashing out BS idiocy because that's the way they do it. Shakespeare was right.