Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Remember when George flew out to one of our carriers returning from DESERT STORM and the liberals suffered a SCRAM and freaked out at the obtusity of the sign stretched across the ship's island?  It was true after a fashion since neither the Navy nor the Nation had sailed into battle with any other goal than toppling Saddam. It looked pathetic only in hindsight as the Armed Forces were forced to remain and try to turn a filthy lawless land into a strong independent nation.  In that regard we did about as well as the Nation did for the last Fifty Years in the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs.  Nonetheless, it was a genuine moment of triumph and one wonders which of Obama's and the Democratic Regime's offerings since then have come close to the sense of victory and achievement of that moment when our forces returned home victorious.

I suspect that the only thing we can point to is Obamacare. Likely it too will prove Pyrrhic in the end. We will get some idea here in a few months following the midterm elections.  I find it telling though that while the Lightworker goes about his fund raising activities with a near religious mania, no democrats running for re-election ever want to appear with him on their campaign stops even when fortune favors them with an appearance by Obama within their district.

Insert mental image of the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED picture here.  I'd do it myself but blogging on an iPod is kicking my ass.

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