Monday, August 25, 2014


I am sorry the posting and commenting has been a little sparse. We went to Colorado and I decided to see if I could survive on just an iPad, iPhone and iPod. It turns out I do very well without a laptop but it does limit me on posting and writing. I once knew how to put pictures into posts using an iPad but I lost the knack.

It was a glorious week for a visit to the mountains. We flew to Denver, drove up to Fort Collins and for the first time in my life, I experienced a dry heat. It was 96˚ but it felt like low 70s. I'm used to enormous heat accompanied by 99% humidity. Fort Collins is a bland little town but we did take a couple of hours to tour the New Belgium Brewery and quaff some of these:

We visited several towns during our stay. I had to stop in Idaho Springs to check on my friend Steve Canyon. He's still there, right where he's been since the first time I saw him some 20 years ago.

Steve Canyon
We stopped at Colorado Springs since I'd never made it to the Air Force Academy and had a look around. It is an impressive place but it's a wilderness. It's not like Annapolis where the mids can hop over the wall and be in town right next to a bar. The Air Force Academy is in the middle of nowhere. We did get to see some impressive planes. We saw both a B52 on a stick and the Stealth Bomber behind it.

B-52 on a Stick

Exotic Stealth composite layered polymer reflecting an alien death ray

Stealth Bomber on a Stick after the alien attack

It was a good trip but we're happy to be home.


Buck said...

Ah, Fort Collins. My ex- lives there and I've visited numerous times. That said, I've never visited the New Belgium brewery, to my great shame. Fat Tire was the first craft brew I ever drank back in the day; my former brother-in-law introduced me to the beer while I was visiting sometime in the early '90s. Sufficiently impressed, I took as much of that stuff as I could carry back to Dee-troit. FT is still in my regular rotation over 20 years later.

Great pics!

Anne Bonney said...

Wow - how did you manage to capture the death ray? Wonderful cloaking on the stealth bomber, too.

HMS Defiant said...

As I think on it and look again at the first picture. That is the spitting image of my first bike. My grandparents bought it for me and I got it Christmas Morning in Fort Riley. I mean that Red Fat Tire Bike is my bike. I knew it looked very familiar but wow! I don't see little kids on things like that anymore. I could not complete a downstroke on the pedals and had to refoot the pedals as they rose beneath my feet. It was a challenge to ride.

My college room-mate showed me the real challenge of bike riding when he used to try to ride his bike back to the room after fraternity parties. Capturing death rays after something like that was actually pretty easy.