Wednesday, May 14, 2014


A Civil War divides a nation and out of NPR come those who demand peace talks. Yes, I just listened to NPR again, damn my soul, and they want progressive peace talks, along the lines of our peace talks with the PLO, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Kaeda, the Taliban, Iran, the Cali drug Cartel, etc, but now they think we need to jump into Syria. They want a "negotiated end" to the Muslim War in Syria.

Can't you see these same progressives intervening in the American Civil War 150 years ago and just insisting that Lincoln drop his stance on the Emancipation Proclamation since he didn't really believe in freeing the slaves anyway? You know, just as a useful tidbit for negotiations with the South over their legitimate grievances. [off sarc//]

Expediency is the ruling star of politics and war. One should always keep that in mind.

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