Saturday, May 24, 2014


I have one here that I ran across on the road this week. It is right down Buck's alley. From the good author at Everything is Broken:

It covers the ugly and bitter truth about computer and information security in a humorous and disarming way. You should spend a couple of minutes reading through the link.

Meet my "Trigger Alert". In it's stunning debut it will warn readers that Everything is Broken is a disarming cynic and people who read the site might get depressed about information security.


Buck said...

One of my great good friends at my last place o' bid'niz was our chief of Info Security, who NEVER lacked for something/anything to do in the course of any given working day. He and his staff (most of whom were former "black hats" who'd come clean) could entertain us for HOURS with horror stories. It was nearly enough to make ya wanna quit using the inter-tubes altogether... but not quite.

Roy Rogers was gay? Do ya think Dale knew?

HMS Defiant said...

Ha! The sphere-o-noise is filling up with stories about young fools requiring a "trigger warning" and I thought I'd try one of my own. I'd hate for a young fool to get its feelings hurt or outrage sensibilities without proper notice. I remembered Trigger as I was looking for firing devices and decided he'd be a friendlier warning. (Not that I ever plan to haul him out again). What a remarkable turn the word "gay" has taken over the last 80 years. In a few years it will probably just be the "g word".

HMS Defiant said...

Well I know sooner write then it happens except maybe with a little BBC twist:

BBC mauled for ruling 'girl' is offensive word: MP leads growing outcry at politically correct censorship

- BBC cut the 'G-word' from repeat of a Commonwealth Games documentary
- Critics attack the move, saying it is 'finding offence where none is taken'
- Corporation spokesman says the word was cut 'just in case'