Saturday, May 17, 2014


I'm curious. Here the brainiacs of American Policy slammed the door on THE MAN who owns our access to space and still, Popular Mechanics suggests that we need to fear Russia's ignorance of space stuff and science. We could just use our space launch stuff and conclusively demonstrate our superior understanding of rocketry and space science, right?

Soviet powered rocket at Cape Canaveral 2011
What exactly has come out of our long fondue party in space over the last 30 years? There was Tang. Anything recently?

Maybe NASA ought to try a new ad campaign to demonstrate all the myriad reasons for our space superiority because other than spy satellites I'm not really seeing any ROI, and why do we need Russian engines to power all of our rockets anyway? What idiot thought that was a good idea?

I  never laughed as we fell out of orbit. I know what we lost and what we gave away.

UPDATED: This posted without warning and before intended.


Buck said...

This posted without warning and before intended.

How did that happen?

As for our recent space accomplishments... we have some pretty spiffy photos of Mars now.

HMS Defiant said...

Fatigue. I slid the mouse to post rather than to save.
I can't think of a thing we've done in earth orbit over the last 30 years to justify the expense and the favors we owe to Putin and company. Skylab and the ISS are probably repeating the same experiments over and over. Hubble was a long time ago. The rest is nominally telecommunications satellites (and who the devil uses those anymore) and spy satellites.

As you say though, some nice pictures of Mars.