Wednesday, May 7, 2014


When the issue of better armed, trained and equipped forces comes up, nobody on earth can beat the U.S. but that counts for nothing when we talk about the proxies we train. There are other forces with deep pockets who engage in arming and equipping their proxies. You don't think AK-47s, RPG-7s and ammo all grow on bushes do you?

Who funds the people out killing ordinary people now? During the Cold War it was us against the nationalists and the COMINTERN funded by the USSR. The USSR doesn't have money for that sort of thing so who is funding all the anti-civilization forces that appear to be armed to the teeth these days?

We used to have a system known as Swift that tracked the flows of money into terrorist accounts but somebody leaked its existence to the New York Times and that was that. Of course we now know that what we once did cooperatively through international agreements was superseded by total penetration of the world's banking system by the NSA and others. We might have more allies in our efforts to eliminate the killers if we maintained that they were terrorists and not some poor misunderstood 'militants'.

We never hear about the forces of order sending a negotiating team to deal with the funders of terrorism. You and I both know that we know who is pouring money into terrorist coffers. I don't know why we have plenty of heavily armed negotiators available to negotiate with ranchers about a few stray cows but cannot find any to scrape up to send along to negotiate with the people who send money to Boko Haram and other terrorists. Its like the hands off approach we took to all the good people here who gave the IRA money all through the troubles. Now it's the Holy Lands Foundation or some other scheme to funnel money to terrorists. You'd think the hundreds of millions of dollars they get from the US State Department would be enough.

In the places that eschew civilization, the enemy almost always has a monopoly on zeal, character, honesty, integrity, ethics, etc. Zeal is translated as fanaticism. Character, honesty, integrity and ethics are also the hallmarks of people who say what they mean and do what they say. Again, we're talking about fanatics. We dislike everything they stand for but they live and die by the code they accepted. We always end up supporting the profiteers, entrenched bureaucrats and fools. In the land where character is king, we always settle for the knave who doesn't believe in anything but is out for himself.

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