Friday, May 16, 2014


He has long been an icon of the rational point of view. Look at anything he has ever said and you find somebody who is willing to go where the facts lead and those that hide the facts never seem to learn that there are millions of people who devote their very lives to turning up inconvenient facts. It's not all National Enquirer and TMZ, but it's close. What is truly sad, is that the places one used to turn to for news, facts, information and enlightenment have been revealed to be nothing more then septic tanks of turgid sanctioned 'newspeak' as certified by the Ministry of Truth.

In truth, I looked elsewhere on the planet for a more reliable news source but was forced to make do with real clear politics for now. They have the video.
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It gives light [lie]to the administration's claim that this had nothing to do with the election, nothing to do with targeting opponents of the administration. The BOLO, the be on the lookout, here's who you target, specifically says that these are groups where you can find statements in the case file that are critical of how country is being run. That's the definition of the president's opposition. These are the people that you target. This is a major abuse of power. They covered up for two years and now they say, 'hey, dude, two-year-old story so it's old news.' Let's see if the mainstream media will treat it as old news or what it really is new news of misleading America and covering it up.
I think we can reliably count upon the major media to ignore it. It's what they do.

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