Thursday, May 22, 2014


I've had the sigil here for some years now but most people laugh and move on. I really did study at the Pennsylvania State University and took a minor in the field. I studied atmospheric science a long time ago under Pierce Lewis and a number of other scholars and professionals in the field. There is a natural variability to climate. It moves as the sun directs it.

I'm not at all happy that Al Gore decided to politicize natural variability. We had ice ages and warming periods all through history. Some of it was recorded history, but some was also the manifest history of the planet. To assign a variable to man is to fail to appreciate how enormous the biosphere is. At the outer edge, it reaches 0 degrees. At the occluded front it reaches 70ª deltas in temperature.

While only a charlatan would indict man, only a politician would indict humanity and demand that we pay for that sin while totally obfuscating the fact that there is literally no way to make it better. 


virgil xenophon said...


You've been on fire lately! I haven't commented on your last 20-plus posts because perfection is hard to improve upon. FIRE FOR EFFECT!!

virgil xenophon said...

PS: I have, however, read a few out-loud to my wife..

HMS Defiant said...

Thank you. The news has been so good to me lately. I'm on the road so posting will be light for a couple of days.