Friday, May 16, 2014


This whole thing seems about as contrived a witch hunt as ever we've had in politics.

This trip to the Firing Squad seems unseemly. We won't ever find anybody more committed to veterans than this man and he is a thousand times better than Togo West. Shinseki is forced to try to exert his will against a massive bureaucracy so iron clad it makes the State Department's crew of anti-American marxists look positively wishy washy. He can't fire, move or demote anybody since they have achieved the status of minor deity within the Civil Service Pantheon. He cannot even terminate their hierarchs and minor demons. Somehow, as with the administrators of USPS Hell, he must find a way to do good IN SPITE of the bureaucrats who make up 99% of the evil.

It's sad that it seems to take no effort at all to staff an organization with incompetent zealots and make it much worse but it is nearly impossible to do anything to make it better. A trip to your neighborhood DMV is all it would take to show how intractable some bureaucracies can be.

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