Sunday, May 11, 2014


The quote below is the final paragraph of her screed against Matt Drudge and those who followed in his wake to bring you the real news of the world. Drudge took off when he scooped what used to pass for media by revealing the story that led to the impeachment of a US President. The media, all 'Friends of Bill', planned to bury it. Back then, the news consisted of folks like Dan Rather, Tina Brown and Walter Duranty.

The media that ruled over the dark era of the pre-Information Age made sure that we never learned what they refused to report if it would harm their friends and we only heard from them about the things that would damage their enemies. If they were forced, they didn't hesitate to make shit up.  Yep, that link takes you to the NY Times with its incredible "FAKE BUT ACCURATE" headline about the lies Dan Rather knowingly fobbed off on the entire world as if it was real news.

Tina thinks there was no justification for the collapse of rationed news reported by powerful savants except Drudge. As usual, she hasn't got a clue.
The ascendant media that looked down on him has been pretty much destroyed. No one would have believed that that only 13 years later the Graham family would no longer own The Washington Post, that the two mighty news magazines would become a shadow and a corpse, and that the juggernaut CNN would be chasing the spoils won by cable TV’s counterpart to the Drudge Report, the Fox News Network. That too, is a story of humiliation. And not just hers.
Drudge is a good place to start but the windows I have here open on the entire world and there are a near infinite number of sites I trust for news a hell of a lot more than I do anything from the NY Times, CNN, 60 Minutes, or the BBC. I mean seriously, imagine a "news service" that knowingly hires a liar like Dan Rather or fails to note that 300 children claimed that a BBC presenter was a pedophile, or a network that "made a deal" with Saddam and axed all the bad news out of Iraq in order to preserve access to the country so their reporters could gather stories used to ambush the President.

It was a self-serving, loathsome and incestuous business of scoundrels, thieves and liars. The truth was not in them.


Buck said...

The ascendant media...

Ascendent? They were still rising? I think Ms. Brown needs a new thesaurus.

HMS Defiant said...

She walked into the forest of Intelligencia one day in the 90's and never came back out.