Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Your average liberal or Congressman still believes that the Army is the failure's last resort. As it is:
With the United States drawing down its troop numbers from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the active duty prospects for a generation that grew up in the age of terror aren't apt to improve, say area recruiters and educators. As it is, about four of every five adults who seek to join don't qualify.
There is something fundamentally wrong with a society that cannot produce citizens who meet the minimum standards to serve in the Armed Forces. It's a telling sign of the future when four out of five young adults who want to serve, are turned away as not worthy.

What does society do with the young adults who cannot meet the Army's standards?

Never mind. Just forget I even asked.


Buck said...

Never mind. Just forget I even asked.

Heh. On another note, I'm glad to see the new restrictions on tats. That's just me, of course, and I also think the restrictions are waaaay overdue.

HMS Defiant said...

"Clean limbed fighting men" vanished in my parents youth. So did opium dens. Sailors had sailor tats on their forearms sometimes <2%.
Say what we will, we are the best of the culture as it is. OTOH, a member of the culture who is given to express his beliefs on his arms, face and neck, lacks a facility of expression that we desire in our airmen, sailors, marines and soldiers.
We can use more modern types that don't need pictographs to express their Wa.