Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I tend to think Orwell would shoot and then bayonet every single democrat alive today in America and Britain. When I read his books I thought he was making mock of them. Now? They rule us.

They have their reliable slaves such as Lanny who they can send out to spin, "well, it wasn't sex if she spit" campaign. Watch the man in the video above try to explain how it was that fact is not real and yet they're the same ones that want you to die because tree rings from a thousand years ago postulate that the global temperature has gone up .0001 degree since last time Jesus walked the earth.

Lanny is so utterly evil I don't think he ever goes home and tosses and turns after doing a "good" day of serving the Clintons. Try to imagine a public disclosure of the Wannsee Conference and who would be out there spinning the disclosure for the socialists democrats....Yep, Lanny.

See who was there and who they represented. Every single moment of my life I can honestly say that if I had been asked to represent a 'boss' at that place or speak for my own self, I would have burned the place down and killed all within. At that point, I might have wanted Lanny on my side but you know where he stood. He's reliable.

Don't you love how the name Colin Powell dribbles off his fangs?



Captain Steve said...

Yes indeed. Prolespeak lives.

HMS Defiant said...

It took me two rereads to get my intention. I must write elliptical sometimes.

There comes a time to fling down your pen and take up your sword.

Take your sword. It isn't a gunfight.