Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I kind of enjoyed reading this little AP exclusive:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (neh-ten-YAH'-hoo) didn't offer any "viable alternatives"
Obama says he read a transcript 
Obama says Netanyahu. Obama says that deal 
Obama says 
Obama spoke  
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Jesus wept. I bolded and colorized the AP bullshit. Does it feel like "1984" to anybody else? I went back to the source to verify and include a cite and then captured the final words to the article above. Mutatis mutandis, all we are left with is Obama and I'll bet a donut he mispronounced whossname's name.

AP to the left, but the un carries his own umbrella
Oddly enough, for many years I subscribed to newspapers and I read them every day when I was home. Over the years I dropped them as they turned into the AP. The Christian Science Monitor went first followed by the New York Times and finally even the Wall Street Journal.

What kind of newsman or newspaper believes it necessary to provide pronunciation guidance for the name of a head of government? I suppose that bit was intended for the news reader Brian Whossname who lost his job over confabulations. The AP doesn't appear to have picked up on that story yet. They're still trying to wrap their minds around Goodluck Jonathan's campaign to whip boko haram before his inevitable re-election next week. I guess they figure that even democrats know how to pronounce the name of the ruling head of state in Nigeria.

Me? I wouldn't bet on it.


Captain Steve said...

Well, at least they weren't referring to him as "The President"--which while correct technically, would imply that he somehow leads our nation--an obvious fallacy.

Ex Bootneck said...

It beggars belief that any MSM outlet would take it upon themselves to print a world leaders name thus. Fortunately they still employ decent photographers who go out on a limb to capture history in the making. Their WWII stock is amazing, as is the coverage of the D-Day landings. Digging deep into a box of redundant brain cells here… But; I'm sure the AP used to refer to themselves as the Marine Corps of journalism (always first in - and last to pull out!)

One thing is for sure; the material released by the AP would not qualify the journalist a 'Boy Scout of America' merit badge in communication.