Wednesday, March 18, 2015


In a piece he wrote for Politico, Dan Metcalfe was upfront with what he thought of Hillary's blatant lies about information management and FOIA compliance.
But having spent a quarter-century at the forefront of the government’s administration of the FOIA, including its transition to electronic records and its involvement in so many Clinton administration “scandals du jour,” I know full well that both what Secretary Clinton arranged to do and what she now has said about that are, to put it most charitably, not what either the law or anything close to candor requires. At a minimum, it was a blatant circumvention of the FOIA by someone who unquestionably knows better and an attempted verbal “cover” of the situation (if not “cover-up”) that is truly reminiscent of years past.
And I say that even as someone who, if she decides to run for president and is the Democratic nominee, will nevertheless vote for her next year.
This is a man who spent a career in the Justice Department and fully acknowledges that Hillary is a constant liar with the ethics of a rabid weasel. It's pretty sad when she is the very best the democrats have...or the least worst they have.

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