Thursday, March 19, 2015


I watched the odious director of the Secret Service testify to Congress just now and he told Congress that the tapes of the crash that occurred at the White House when allegedly drunken Top Secret Service Agents were coming home from a party, had been automatically erased by the cameras themselves because the tapes are, "automatically overwritten every 72 hours." What a fucking liar.

For decades what I did was security, surveillance, counter-surveillance and later, as a civilian I worked for a company that took hundreds of millions of dollars installing state-of-the-art digital surveillance systems all over the world for military bases, weapon facilities, police agencies, port districts, everywhere. We put in cameras of every type (360), FLIR, long-range, short range, you name it. But they all had one common characteristic starting back around 2000. Every single one of them was digital and all the imagery was compressed and stored on drives that soon grew to terabyte size and the imagery files could and were removed periodically for long term storage. Most of them shared their imagery in real time with command centers miles or states away.

Who out there really believes that the Secret Service is using cameras around the White House that even 7-eleven stores no longer use? The Secret Service joins every other branch of government in sharing its contempt for congress with congress and what will Congress do about it? Nothing.

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