Saturday, March 14, 2015



Last one, I promise.

You know it's funny. I used to be a very fast reader. A book a day was not at all uncommon. I now share my life with someone who could probably read 8 books a day. I know why I slowed down. Even as a bachelor knight I couldn't pay for that many books. I've fixed that problem but still, I unlearned a skill I once had. Reading and comprehension accelerated up to a certain point and then they perished, gently, like a polar bear on a shrinking ice floe in the Pacific just off Hawaii.


Captain Steve said...

Practice + Kindle works.

HMS Defiant said...

I have an entire fleet of reading and know where to get more. I have a Kindle, an iPad, an iPod, an iPhone and two Sony ebooks. I never leave the house without at least 200 books to read. Usually, it's around 400 to 500.

It's hard to realize that I used to pick one of Will and Ariel Durant's books and stuff it into my bag when I went on trips to the Persian Gulf. Fortunately, I ran out of trips before we ran out of Civilization.

I'm practicing as fast as I can.

Captain Steve said...

I'm doing about 1.5 books a day when SWMBO lets me--and slightly off topic: I love Laumer ; particularly his Bolo series.