Saturday, March 28, 2015


What is it about the Clintons and documents? The White House Travel Office documents, the Rose Law Firm documents, the FBI files, whatever their lawyer was working on in the White House before he went off to a park and shot himself in the head. Now the emails that were ours but not hers except she stole them while nobody was looking are all gone. Now, evidently, the secret server in her house is wiped clean of everything,, yeah, I believe that.

I worked for a part of the navy that has no peer. We were told that we could not use our personal email accounts. Nope, the universal assessment of New Orleans and the Pentagon was that we could only use .mil accounts. Of course, neither party made them accessible to my little part of the navy and so we just blew them off and did business over the internets using earthlink and hotmail and gmail because the price of doing business in the 21st century is using the internet.

I remember when they gave us CAC card readers that we could plug into our computers serial anybody still has a computer with a serial port. They had USB CAC card readers but like chumps, they only bought enough for 5 people and all the rest needed a serial port. With your device you could slowly, ever so slowly, connect to your .mil account at the office and download your .mil mail. Or, one could set one's government computer to bounce incoming emails to one's earthlink address.

I am kind of wondering if Sandy Burglar is still out there with classified State Department emails that were sent over whossmanes signature somewhere buried deep in his underpants. The Clintons have maxed out my document meter. If there is a sleazy slimy ooze somewhere, the Clintons will appear out of it like mud covered aliens in the mist with no documentation.

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