Monday, March 9, 2015


More dreams of his father,

Obama: ‘We’re the Slaves Who Built the White House’

I'm pretty sure his father wasn't there and neither was his mother.

This racist son of a bitch is getting old.

Not one single one of his ancestors or anybody who knew them was there building the White House.

It is at times like this that one sees why weak worthless presidents employ utterly worthless or ruthless Vice Presidents. I think I preferred the tickets we used to have where the loser of the other party enjoyed the office of vice president. A president of those times could feel a certain care sitting down on a cushioned chair lest there be a serpent there.

Can you imagine Biden handling a dangerous serpent? I could look for the You Tube but, seriously, the shrieks of panic and alarm after that ignorant loser dropped the snake in his own lap are utterly predictable.

The socialist nazis laugh but think about it.  Bush had the devil incarnate but the democrats employed idiots of the first water. I think 12% of the reason that idiot McCain ran such an idiotic campaign was when he realized that 90% of his own electorate would shoot him dead in order to have her step up as president.

You can go with ruthless or vapid. Mostly, the dems have gone with vapid. Srlsy, Al Gore, Biden, Hillary, whoever was Carter's?

speelled shoooot write.  :)

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