Monday, March 23, 2015


Ralph Peters wrote wrote another fine piece for the New York Post. It was forwarded to me for my comment. It took about 5 minutes to type this in reply.

I think Ralph nailed it. It's not just the presidents and the cabinet, it's every layer in the State Department and Justice and every other branch of government. None of them has fought or seen the results of fighting a real battle. None has ever been mugged on the street. The handful of military men are the Wesley Clark types.

Congress comes from the same old school. I watched the Secret Service Director tell Congress yesterday, in testimony, that the White House security cameras automatically tape over themselves every 72 hours. He said it with a straight face. I worked with and helped design security and surveillance systems 15 years ago until the present and the ONLY cameras we would even think to install were digital cameras that stored their data to terabyte storage devices and there was never ever any 'taping over' the imagery. It was compressed and stored and beyond that, it was automatically routed to Command Centers where their systems also stored the compressed imagery files.

The media comes from the same old ivy covered schools where they don't question, they believe; as long as it dribbles from the lips of an approved peer of their realm. I think they're all 'Brian Williams'. They wouldn't know the truth if it bit them.

I think the courts are of the same old school. Why does it take years to resolve an 'open and shut' case? Motions and appeals can be denied. Justice doesn't suffer when legal case is adjudicated quickly and fairly. I used to have 30 days to conclude an investigation. If it went to trial the case could drag on for literally years. Ken Starr knew at once who leaked Plames name to the press. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, the weasel from the State Department, came to him and told Starr that he did it. Starr nevertheless persevered for years flipping rocks in the White House and finally got the Vice President's Chief of Staff to make an error of memory and used that to indict him on......perjury charges. That wasn't what Starr was appointed to do.

The only people today who fear America are its friends and its citizens. All the bad guys have our number. We destroy our 'friends' such as Mubarak and even a man we negotiated a peace with; Qadafi, and even the allegedly recognized elected president of Egypt, Morsi, and turn around and try our very best to slay the only elected leader in the Middle East.

If I was president or even in a position to advise him, I'd tell him to help out the Kurds now that they've mostly worked out their internal differences, and use them to hold the line against ISIS. I'd also inform Turkey that I support a Kurdish State and perhaps THEY ought to negotiate turning over Kurdish land in Turkey to the new Kurdish State. Let those weasels scramble for our support, because they lost all their meaning to us as allies when the Soviet Union collapsed.

We have a glut of domestic oil now. More than we can actually consume and since Congress won't let us export it I'd issue an Executive order forbidding the import of ANY oil from Venezuela. Let them sell their oil to Cuba and Haiti. We could even go out on the world stage and say that we acted out of humanitarian principles for the good of the people of Haiti and Cuba and since they're such good pals of Venezuela it's a win-win and everybody gets something out of the new arrangement.

I think Ralph nailed it. We have an incestuous bunch running the place and they ought to done away with. Good grief! The chattering class are talking about just 2 possible candidates for President; a Clinton and a Bush. The media did their very best to try to convince Americans that Hillary is a worthy choice and the Bush is a valid "republican' contender. They ignored all the rest. It is pathetic and a little sickening.


OldAFSarge said...

Ralph certainly did nail it. A brilliant piece of work.

Excellent post Cap'n!

Ex Bootneck said...

In my humble opinion - you've certainly hit the nail squarely on the head with this piece (several nails in fact - one for each paragraph!)

HMS Defiant said...

I've long admired what LCOL Peters writes. He's pretty handy with a pen.

HMS Defiant said...

I get closer to understanding just where the Bolsheviks came from and the Anarchists who started WWI by shooting Ferdinand. In one way, the French got it right when they decapitated the ruling class in 1789. I'm thinking we may have to do the same thing.