Thursday, March 5, 2015


I used to work for the US government. I was, after some effort, tortured into using a .mil email address. With that account working with layers of government just under secretary of state, I would always continue to note the email address of ANYBODY who sent me traffic over the interwebs and I got a lot

NOLA Command made it a point to offer no service to people who did not use .mil address emails despite not making any provision to offer .mil addresses to the 180,000 people like me who might not have access to .mil.

How did EVERYBODY fail to notice:

I know, its like the sick jokes at the IRS and Justice Department that somehow lost all their emails or had their hard drives crash altogether in one day.

OTOH, she might not use email any more often then she drives her worthless self. What is it now, 20 years and she has not driven a car? That's an accomplishment, but it's about as dubious a type of accomplishment as any of Obama's.

I'll bet a donut she doesn't even know how to drive and democrats are all going to vote for her.

*it's a screen capture of the instapundit.

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