Tuesday, March 10, 2015


So there I was at dinner in a strange world when I watched magic happen. On the other side of the table were 3 grad students=magicians. The conversation turned to locks and safeguards. All three of them knew how to pick locks, force door locks, and steal cars.

It does make one feel old. Thank you.

 They weren't of the old school of dreams but they're so very close.

All of them would sneer at a pocket protecter. A nice, snuggly under the arm holster, oh yea


HMS Defiant said...

If you read the book, he worked on the Manhattan Project and he picked the combo to the safe and left something behind. Way before he cored the Challenger explosion study group, he was in my pantheon.

virgil xenophon said...

Have you heard the story about his IQ. Once a journalist asked him what it was and he replied that he honestly didn't remember. His grad students then began a research of his old school records Kindergarten thru ?? and found out it was 127. At first they were afraid to tell him as they were afraid of his reaction fearing he might become either angry of overly sad and morose. Finally they screwed up their courage and informed him of their findings. He paused, then broke out in maniacal laughing, tears streaming down his cheeks. Perplexed, the students opined that his reaction was the very last one they would've predicted and asked why. Came the reply: "To think, he said, "that I have done so much with so little!"

Moral of the tale? IQ isn't everything. Hell, look at me. I've an IQ of 153 and look at what a reprobate I've turned out to be! :) Plus Don Imus has an IQ of 164, so there's that, lol
And not to be counted out are the hundreds of MENSA 200+ IQ types who are letter-carriers with the USPS!

HMS Defiant said...

I reached the age of reason after they stopped testing IQ. If I was in a place to task them I could send all 3 of the magicians to search through all my school records but I'm afraid it would not be there. Not at Fort Bliss, Fort Sill, Carlisle, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Riley, Redstone or Picatinny Arsenal and no other schools in between. I think back then they said IQ was racist.

I reckon I can live without it.