Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Don't you find it interesting that two different people could look at exactly the same coin and give two utterly different descriptions of the coin they see? I was over reading the blog post tonight written by an extremely bitter man. In some ways he was once a peer of mine.

I can see the villainy of people in government, of institutions that knowingly and without a care break the laws of this country but I don't recall ever describing them using hateful, wrathful language and wishing that the would die. I can look at people like George Bush and find in him a man who seriously tried to do good and accomplish things that the country could be proud of. I never saw him as stupid or venal or as a smug elitist. Other hate that man beyond reason. I contrast that with Obama and I find I don't see him or anybody in his cabinet in the same light.

I've kind of given up on the ruling class. Electing a non-conservative republican is the same thing as electing a slightly less venal democrat. I remember the California recall that got rid of Governor Davis because his spending was wildly out of control and so the state  elected Arnold who ended up totally captured by the legislature and actually ended up spending more than Davis had proposed. It was a sham. Now, California doesn't have any republican legislators and so they fall heir to a new $100 billion dollar high speed chain that won't do either of the three things that were promised when they got the seed money from Obama's shovel ready jobs scam. It won't be high speed, it won't run from LA to San Francisco and it will never be finished. California has to find another $97 billion minimum and that's just the latest estimate.

I understand the freeloaders and the grifters voting for crooks and thieves who buy their votes but I don't understand the supposedly smart, educated, hard-working academics and liberals who keep voting money away that does little but buy votes and line the pockets of people like the Clinton's, the Reids, all those lifelong public servants that retire with tens of millions of dollars in the bank and pensions far larger than any private company employee can ever dream of.

I remember running across an interesting article that laid out the pensions being paid to the California public servants. It's shocking. When you live in a major urban area next to what was once the richest city in America and they cannot fix potholes and take months to grade a collapsing road, only to promptly did it back up to fix a water main, its the schools, the parks, the infrastructure that is taking the beating that will only get worse.

How could anyone, an American, vote to shovel trillions of dollars of debt onto their kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Have they no shame?

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