Monday, March 9, 2015


Don't read it. I certainly didn't. I just get a kick out of the National Socialist News Media blit near the end of the article:
As Williams awaits NBC’s decision, he’s been strategizing with his close circle of advisers, including his wife, Lack, and former Universal Studios chief Ron Meyer. Under the terms of his suspension, Williams is banned from speaking to the press. “He can’t wait until he can speak,” a close friend told me. “He’s just anxious to get back to work. And he can’t wait to respond.”
There’s a chance, of course, that Williams’s stories could check out. One former colleague who spoke to Williams when he was in New Orleans during Katrina recalled him mentioning he saw the dead body. Meyer told me that Williams once showed him the piece of the SEALS’ stealth helicopter. “Forgetting what they say happened or didn’t happen, as an observer, he’s gone to some of the most dangerous places in the world, and that’s unquestionable,” Meyer says.
I don't mind all that much that he proved to be a fabulist. All of them are. They enjoy the same credibility that the Clintons have for truth, honesty and the American Way. They were hired to portray honesty to the best of their ability and they failed at the job, rather like Rather and Cronkite. They don't know the truth.

How much do you pay any man to tell you the truth?

It used to be the measure of a man. Honest.


Captain Steve said...

"How much do you pay any man to tell you the truth?"

Well, of course you shouldn't have to pay him to do that at all. In fact, you shouldn't pay him unless he speaks truth invariably. But you knew that.

HMS Defiant said...


It's no fun to watch them lying and spinning a lie.