Monday, July 1, 2013


Here are a couple of pix that came in during my vacation. The first is self-explanatory in that it's the vacation hacienda from a boat and the other is the sun setting.
That's a snap from my place on Mars. I think it is amazing.

Just so you know; I had a dozen posts that were supposed to autoposte during the interregnum but there were technical difficulties....yeah, technical difficulties. OK, so I forgot to sunset them properly before taking off.


Buck said...

The vacation place looks remarkably like a place my late, lamented cousin-in-law had on Eagle Lake near South Bend. MANY good times were had there... so thanks for reminding me. That looks like a brilliant place to spend a week or so!

Thanks for the Mars link, too. Both interesting AND amazing.

Anne Bonney said...

Maybe next year we'll work in a week at that Mars place, too.

virgil xenophon said...

Looks great! Maine in the summer can be wonderful, but those winters---and late fall--and early spring! Yikes! "Shiver me timbers!"

HMS Defiant said...

It's a beautiful house in a beautiful setting and I agree 100% Maine in the winter would be brutal. I wintered over in Newport, RI 4 times and found it awful. Perhaps it helped that the first winter all of us kids were forced into little boats and forced to race in Narragansett Bay, in the snow all winter. I think I'd have preferred Mars. At least it's a dry cold.