Friday, July 5, 2013


                           Medical Purveyor’s Office Chattanooga Tennessee
                                                               March 8th, 1864
My Dear Mother
         I received your kind letter today and was very glad to hear that you was well and that you were still living in hopes of meeting me in this world.  Mr. McCullough was here yesterday evening or I should have written to you then but I went with him up to the camp to see the company so that I did not have time to write.  Lt. G. B. was on guard so that I did not get to see him but I seen the rest of the boys and they were all well and all send there regards to the law abiding citizens of Liberty and Union. Some say they would reenlist but as long as there are men at home who are able to fight they say the tune of yankee doodle has no charms for them so that if the people do not want a draft they had better fill up the broken ranks very soon or we will resort to any kind of measure to force them into the ranks for it is the intention of the administration to close this war in double quick time and it will take men to do it and men we will have at any cost. I think another battle will soon be fought in this Department; which will be the conclusion of the history of this army. I have not heard from Johny since the last letter but I will try to write to him tonight and send it to him by the first mail. The veteran Regts are relearning quite fast. I think in a few days our army will be stronger than ever it was before.
The weather is quite warm here and we have had some rain but not enough to raise the river much  As my candle is nearly out I must close. The flowers are in bloom I will send you some in my next. Write soon and oftener to your affectionate son
                                                  Luther M. Beaver


Buck said...

Still a year to go...

Is Mr. Beaver a relative, Curtis?

Buck said...
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HMS Defiant said...

Yes he is on my father's side of the family. They were a very widely scattered family ranging from Maryland to Indiana at the time of the war. I got them from my dad who got them from his mother who got them from her parents.

Anne Bonney said...

Keep doing this - I love reading these letters.

HMS Defiant said...

OK. I have hundreds more.