Monday, July 1, 2013


Home from the sea
We had a great time.

I was away from all of the news and the tubes for the last 9 days or so. It was very relaxing...except the Scrabble and the Cards Against Humanity... maybe.

I saw this picture in my email from gCaptain but I thought it served best as an allegorical picture of the impact of islam on the world. I was stationed in Arabia for many years and met and worked with many fine arabs but I am forced to admit that islam is inimical to civilization. All civilizations, not just the West. I don't doubt for one second that if the heirs of the attackers of Breslan or the slaves of God that launched 9/11 had access to atomic weapons or other WMD that they would use them in a heartbeat.

The West passed through the Enlightenment several hundred years ago but there is not one single sign that islam will ever elect to join the race.* They have not yet begun to even open their eyes to the light of reason and likely never will.
"Indeed, the total number of books translated into Arabic during the 1,000 years since the age of Caliph Al-Ma’moun [a ninth-century Arab ruler who was a patron of cultural interaction between Arab, Persian, and Greek scholars—WPR] to this day is less than those translated in Spain in one year. The report noted that Arab rulers stay in office all their lives and create dynasties that inherit power, and the peoples are unable to institute change."
Read this link on arabic literacy and translation.

*The race of reason


Buck said...

Welcome back, even if that's not quite the thing to say after a vacation ends.

HMS Defiant said...

Thank you. Maine is a great place to visit and getting there and back was really fun too.

virgil xenophon said...

Gee, Curtis, you should have looked up AW1 Tim while you had the chance. He's had health problems you know. Come to think of it I owe him a call or at least an e-mail. And TOTALLY agree with you about Islam--but you already knew that, iirc. :) Glad to see you back old hoss. How's your health, btw?. Hope all is well on that front as I know you've been fighting a few problems on that front for a long time, iirc. The mere fact of the trip seems an indicator things are going well, so here's to clear sailing!

virgil xenophon said...

PS: Or should I have said clear steaming! :)

HMS Defiant said...

Thanks VX,
I wish I had known. We might have stopped in depending on where he is. We passed within inches of New Brunswick XNAS. I'm back to being healthy which means I'll head back to San Diego to get my stuff and bring it here. Including the boat!