Sunday, July 28, 2013


I admit to a certain measure of contempt for the people so steeped in evil that they cannot attribute ought but evil to anyone with whom they disagree. This is the case today with an idiot who is also a Justice of the Supreme Court. Just think of the bottomless contempt this Justice has for minorities and most especially for blacks. She appears to hold the opinion that blacks and latinos are too stupid and ignorant to be able to get some kind of lawful identification document that the government gives away.*

That's it. Nobody can cash a check without identification in this country. Nobody can enter a federal office building or courthouse without producing identification. Nobody can fly in this country on a commercial flight under the aegis of the TSA without producing photo identification.**

This Justice thinks it's a foul and vicious attack on minorities that states purge their voting rolls every year and only include those eligible to vote. She finds it criminal that states actually want to restrict registering to vote to people legally entitled to vote. She thinks that states must bend over backwards to count the votes of people too stupid to vote at their polling place.

What this Justice thinks is what the writers and readers of the New York Times think. How pathetic and sad is that? It's also what our Attorney General thinks.

You know, I heard that we are shortly to put JLENS in place over Washington DC and probably New York City since they are this nation's Center of Gravity and have been attacked repeatedly by terrorists and others who just plain don't like our political class. I think if I was a JLENS watch stander, I might put it on cruise control and spend a lot time in the back making a sandwich or reading a book.
Realist or Cynic?
*It won't eliminate vote fraud but at least it's a step in the right direction.

**I heard of one man that flew without ID as a test case of the law and it seems that the law doesn't actually require ID. I'm sure he missed his flight. I also fly with a little person who so far has never been asked to produce ID.


Anne Bonney said...

Carlin - yes - a voice for our time.

Buck said...

Just think of the bottomless contempt this Justice has...

What a picture at the link. Scary!

HMS Defiant said...

She has said that she will stay on. Interesting take that this leftist kook doesn't want a far left communist kook taking her place at the bench. I don't think it matters much though since the Supreme Court has been profoundly anti-democracy for my entire life.

HMS Defiant said...

I always liked George. He had a way with words.