Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I found this today and it is good. As I looked through the never released pictures of the families of the Apollo 11 astronauts, two things struck me. Those guys could be my dad and the kids in the pictures were my age and my sisters and brother's age. That swing was our swing when we lived in Virginia and my father worked at the Pentagon on the Hellfire missile program after he came back from Vietnam.

These are great candid photos.  I like the second photo where they're hanging out in one of their basements. It has got to be a giant's basement ....

I told my dad this would end up on the intertubes and so it does

Last year's Christmas Tree lights in the front yard
BS Electrical Engineer - West Point
MS Electrical Engineer - Purdue
Missiles and Rockets Program Manager


Anne Bonney said...

Shame on you.

Buck said...

In re: the astronauts. Those are some fascinating photos... "the way we were," so to speak... down to earth, solidly middle-class, All-American, in all aspects. I wish it were still so today.

In re: connections. Hey, whatever works!

HMS Defiant said...

sometimes the interconnectedness of things defies sensible solutions. this should not apply to electricity. I always felt a little sorry for Chuck Yeager. There he was blazing through the skies in search of flying into space and then along came the Space Race. Game over.