Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I had a moment of introspection tonight not seen too often around these parts. I was reading the story about a software engineer who is suing his former company for firing him illegally and I thought I might write more about that and what I think about a company that is so blatantly and disgracefully racist and sexist and then I thought about what I would lose if that company behaves in the disgraceful and contemptible manor I have come to expect from social justice wrecked institutions like twitter and face book and SFWA and I decided that I would wait until I have stored my online email offline and perhaps backed up one or two other things that could vanish in a twinkling were some SJW loser to take umbrage at being called a spade just because he is used to dig latrines in which to bury his fellow man after the ritual pummelling and social torture meted out to those who dare to dream that America could be great again.

I shall say more anon.

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