Monday, January 22, 2018


Poor Littoral Combat Snip. It can't even get down the river without something interfering with its mission, whatever that is. It seems the latest of the Snip class is iced in Montreal and won't be able to leave until Spring. I'm sure, come Spring, we'll find it somehow spot welded itself to the pier and won't be able to leave until cited by the Canadian Maritime Mounted Police. These poor ships just can't seem to do anything without drama.

Forced to spend the winter after being trapped by completely unanticipated ice
I'm sure the crew will find plenty of things to occupy their time trapped in the ice.

This may be the first USN warship to earn the award of the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon before it ever enters it's own home port. It will almost certainly be the very first USN ship to get the award for making a Great Lakes cruise enroute to its home port.

LCS, making history every single day. Oddly enough, the ships have yet to deploy to the littoral seas in the Persian Gulf or Red Sea where it appears they're not up to standard for taking on either pirates or well armed Iranian speedboats.

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