Saturday, January 13, 2018


If you are one of the technorati who labors long into the night to launch killing twits or devastating facebook stuff you will not find me among your viewers. I seek no content from either place and never actually go look at it. And this is largely why I don't play in those gardens of hate and lies.

They have both taken the Stalinist approach to voices they disdain to hear and they do everything in their power to make sure that nobody else will hear the lonely voices crying out from the wilderness.

I make it a point to not see ads. I don't watch TV, per se. I watch Netflix and Amazon. I found the web browser BRAVE works quite well now and they have come out with a mobile app that I use on on my ipads too. It seamlessly shifts to secure https and blocks 100% of ads.

I'm a little dismayed by the seeming willingness of the cultural elites to void all references to the ones Hillary condemned as deplorables. I have, over the years, come to spend nothing at all on Hollywood or music or what passes for print news in this country. It's like, having been sawed off the limb of degenerate culture I am free from paying it any mind except to note, as always, the dangers. Situational awareness is the key to survival in urban areas and it pays to keep aware of the bleaker facts of one's 'hood'.

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