Thursday, January 11, 2018


When it comes to 50 shades of reality New Yorkers can always be trusted to come up with a couple of hundred new shades. They have topped a long list of arrant and vicious stupidity by declaring war on Big Oil. 

The Chief Blowhard of New York City described NY NY's war plan thusly:
Blasio focused on the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, calling it “a tragedy wrought by the actions of the fossil fuel companies.” He detailed the 44 people who died in New York as a result of Sandy, as well as the estimated $19 billion in damage it caused. “That is the face of climate change,” de Blasio said. “That is what it means in human and real terms.” 
The moron has gone on record declaring that all hurricanes and even tropical depressions are caused by oil companies and have been ever since daybreak on planet earth 3 billion years ago.
De Blasio claimed fossil fuel companies were complicit in worsening climate change, because they knew of the problem decades ago but continued to sell a product to Americans that contributed to only more greenhouse-gas emissions. 
It's always a treat to see any idiot this divorced from reality. I'm sure what he meant to say was that the oil companies should have aggressively pushed the nation into 100% nuclear power back in the 50's so we didn't suffer such devastating global warming. As I recall, they tried that but morons and kleptocrats like Blasio killed atomic energy with every erg of political power they could activate.
“The city of New York is taking on these five giants because they are the central actors, they are the first ones responsible for this crisis and they should not get away with it anymore,” he said, adding: “We’re going after those who have profited. And what a horrible, disgusting way to profit — the way it puts so many people’s lives in danger.”
As usual, it comes as a horrible shock to folks like Blasio that the people who profited from oil sales are the share holders who reaped dividends and sold increasingly valuable stocks year after year since Rockefeller created Standard Oil in 1870.

If there was any justice, the oil companies being defamed by New York should either cut off all sales in New York City and cut all supplies to power stations that provide power to New York City. They should also shut down fuel deliveries to JFK and LaGuardia. If that seems unreasonable they should all tack on a $20/gallon climate defense fund surcharge to every gallon of fuel sold in New York City or to New York City.

Why do idiots always think they're sticking it to the man when they elect boobs who think they can tax corporations into paying "their fair share" and then get all pissed off when the corporations simply turn the costs around and jack up prices to the consumers who have to buy their products? Look at cigarettes. Not 15 years ago they cost a $1/pack. Now they cost $7.50/pack because the states won the law suit blaming Big Tobacco for all the harm that cigarettes do. They didn't ban them and forbid their sale or use, they just tacked truly onerous taxes on each pack sold which the tobacco companies all turned into higher and higher prices charged to the consumer.

What is New York City's plan for dealing with power outages on the scale Puerto Rico is currently enjoying? If the courts find that oil is responsible then the only responsible course of action is to shut off the supply of oil to New York City and possibly the state. Nobody wants to compound a felony.

In other news, I heard on THE PEOPLE'S RADIO that European insurance companies were now refusing to insure coal companies in Europe. They seem to think that with law subject to retroactive and punitive damages every time the political winds in Europe blow green that the potential costs for paying off global warming damages in Europe alone are incalculable and unpayable and they have decided to go all serpentine in an effort to dodge the inevitable government hammer.

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