Monday, January 15, 2018


People living in Hawaii got a rude wake up and lesson in shameless Obama diplomacy. They learned for the first time that Obama, Kerry and Clinton all lied when they assured them that Obama had reached a binding agreement with North Korea on missile technology and nuclear weapons that would surely lead to nothing but peace in our time. For 38 minutes many of them got to contemplate the awfulness that will happen if/when the Democratic People's Republic of Korea decides to just go ahead and attack and lash them with bugs and gas and nukes on long range missiles.

I dare say 99% of the people living in Hawaii never even suspected that one day they would get a nuclear wake-up call. I dare say they're thinking about it now and wondering what all that endless negotiation with north Korea achieved since it is now quite obvious that the goal that the Kim's have been working toward for the last 50 years is now well within their grasp and that an attack on Hawaii has gone from a distant dream to a near certain reality.

On the other hand, the norKs have demonstrated a certain ability to loft missiles into the upper atmosphere and space itself but there is no evidence that they have any targeting capability beyond a rudimentary ability to hit the Pacific Ocean, somewhere. Even that isn't certain since evidence shows that many of the tests end in failure of the reentry vehicle. On the gripping hand, if one is going to shoot for a electromagnetic pulse above someplace, like Hawaii, an air burst high in the stratosphere will do well enough to knock out much of Hawaii's network infrastructure.

It looks like civilization, such as it is in the DPRK, is collapsing. When I was young we believed that the regime was propped up almost solely by its grip on the Army and security forces. The Party was nothing but the bustle to a Kim and followed wherever they led but was a powerless rump. Reading reports of recent army defectors crossing the DMZ who are lousy with vermin, worms and anthrax anti-bodies is a sign that the bastion of the dynasty is crumbling.

As the USSR collapsed and faded away and China relaxed its hard line stance and restarted down the path to success and prosperity one thing we accepted as absolutely true of Kim Jong-il was that he would not go gently into the peaceful night but would take the South and as much of the world as he could reach into the dark with him. Kim Jong-un is very much of the same mold and likely to do the unthinkable.

I think people living in Hawaii now know what the unthinkable looks like and may well be a bit more interested in our diplomatic and military relations with the Korean peninsula. The real concern is obvious to see for those with eyes to see. Japan, Taiwan and the Republic of Korea are probably all well along in their nuclear weapons development and all of them are probably hard at work on making weapons grade fissile materials to build the bombs their engineers could undoubtedly design in a couple of days.

A new dawn in the Far East and mid-Pacific. Thanks Obama, thanks Hillary, thanks Kerry. Kim couldn't have done it without you and Madeline Albright and Bill Clinton.

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