Friday, July 18, 2014


I know it isn't really incompetence or stupidity because getting more unskilled, impoverished, illegal aliens into this country to swell the already swollen ranks of illegals who vote Democratic, is the only reason that no action is being taken by the Government to end the influx of "refugees." They're not refugees. They are guaranteed future Democrat voters who will vote the party line for the next five generations.

Our own impoverished, unskilled citizens who all seem to vote Democrat at every opportunity; some multiple times in each election, are thrilled to be joined by millions more who will share the few remaining jobs for people like them and the largesse of the broken welfare state. I'm sure they'll express their happiness  in the time honored way.

As I read about Jordan taking in a million refugees from Syria and settling them in camps that provide food, water, shelter and even an electrical and sewage infrastructure, I see an evasion of responsibility at the Federal level that is unconscionable. The Jordanians are capable of providing humane shelter, in an organized fashion, for 1.3 million true refugees. The U. S. Agency for International Development played a huge role in creating those camps in order to aid the refugees from Syria. Why is there no agency in the Federal Government to provide similar arrangements for refugees in this country?

Two Refugee Camps and a U.S. Military Camp
Humane refugee camps safeguard both the refugees and the citizens. Instead, the Federal Government transports and then dumps tens of thousands of illegal aliens on the bankrupt state and local officials from California to Maine who are not in a position to provide material assistance on this scale. In fact, the Federal Government is the only one that could execute a policy of establishing refugee camps in this country. Any other jurisdiction would be challenged instantly in the courts.

The Federal Government abandoned its responsibilities to the nation and chose to dump non-English speaking, illiterate, unskilled migrants on the States and cities. As soon as these illegal aliens are settled in a community, they are eligible for all the benefits that any citizen is eligible to receive. They don't pay for any of them. They learn that they don't ever have to pay for anything.

Bad government! No biscuit!


Buck said...

Why is there no agency in the Federal Government to provide similar arrangements for refugees in this country?

Coz the Lefties would call 'em "concentration camps" and get their knickers in a twist. Just another thing to be Perpetually Offended about.

HMS Defiant said...

I know. The poor bastards at FEMA after Katrina presided over the destruction of the only agency here that could. I watched all of that unfold from Chinhae a long time ago but even over there it was clear that the Feds waited for the State to request federal aid and that idiot-in-charge in Louisiana was derelict in the performance of her duties. In this case, it is first and foremost, a federal problem. But they're terrified of their own base.

Anonymous said...

as someone who has been intimately involved with CPS and the foster care system, please be aware that obama will bump all of the kids who are currently waiting for placement into foster families to the back of the line so that his political pawns can take their place...isn't obama nice
these kids need to be home with their families back in their home countries instead of being used by obama and the pro-amnesty crowd as political pawns.
I wonder how many will DIE for obama?
How many will be KILLED for obama?
How many will be RAPED and ASSAULTED for obama?

HMS Defiant said...

You're right. As a Socialist, at best, Obama doesn't care about individuals. "One cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs." I was just reading the other downside to the immigration of children from Guatemala. Many years ago, Guatemalan officials deliberately acted to prevent any further American adoptions of orphans from Guatemala. They deliberately made it impossible for Americans to adopt. What is the policy of their government now? It seems they favor throwing them on trains and tossing them over the border.