Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Maybe she could put a few more radios in the sash because important.

You know, maybe some plebe could be attacked and need to be rescued...somewhere.

WTF is it with all these radios officers wear these days?


Buck said...

Heh. Never let it be said the current generation is out of touch.

HMS Defiant said...

For me it is a matter of trust, training, leadership and faith. An officer that wears a radio clearly has zero faith, trust or belief in his subordinates and thinks he must be called upon to make every decision. Even in the days of nuclear weapons-at-sea and Command Duty Officers, we didn't wear a radio. We could be found within 280 feet or if it was truly dire, the word could be passed over the 1MC. It showed me how new the navy was when I see pictures of Commanding Officers of "warships" wearing radios. That's pathetic on an almost unimaginable scale.