Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Most readers will simply lose their socks when I say that SAC had it's eyes on me when I was nobbut a freshman. It's true. They meant to stick me in a hole in the ground in Arkansas or Nebraska or some other state with an abundance of aas. I wised up and tried the navy after the air force told me that their plans for me involved an uninviting hole in the ground after 2 years of telling me that navigator was not impossible given my eyesight.

Make no mistake. Rickover wanted me too. He told me so, repeatedly. He thought me the ne plus ultra for the nuclear propelled peopled navy and it was hard to tell him to get lost. You see he was a very very very smart man and could not get lost even if he tried, very hard.

I was still in the shadow of the Air Force when the Titan II left the silo and 100% of the Air Force said they could neither confirm nor deny that that missile in the silo had a 9 megaton warhead on it when it exploded..

It was kind of like the B52 refueling on the ground in the same time frame when it's wing fell off.

I changed my life plans at that point and did join the navy, Admiral Rickover be danned.

no, not a typo or don't know how to type damned.


Thomas said...

Aww... should've gone nuc!
(McKee interviewee 1987)

Thomas said...

because... as we used to say, "most people have more fun before 9am than we have all day"

Glad I did it, but not sorry I left it either. My blood pressure has been better since.

HMS Defiant said...

I should hope so!!!!

HMS Defiant said...

No, we did not like him either. He was a nasty piece of work.