Wednesday, March 20, 2019


I understand that the various concerned people in California are considering letting anybody vote there as often as they want and I don't care. They can join the other rock solid bastions of voter fraud like Chicago and Cook County and vote every cemetery in the state and it won't matter.

Who cares?

Not me!

It will drive them further insane to have all the illegals voting the straight Democratic ticket and won't the citizens be happy when the Democrats win all the elective offices? Why no. No they won't.

If 100% of the vote recorded in Californiastan in the next Presidential election is won by Democrats they still don't get a single extra vote in the Electoral College. All those millions of destitute impoverished illegals living in tents or caves and now voting in their elections will result in Californiastan voters who start to demand way more social services, better schools, better housing, better medical care, better everything and unfortunately, it's the state of Venezuela  California who has to pay for all that and take it out of everything else they used to provide to legitimate citizens.




juvat said...

Which is exactly why they're trying to get rid of the Electoral College. God help us all if that happens.

capt fast said...

...dumbshits...well put...

HMS Defiant said...

All these snowflakes think it's something that their guy can get rid of with the stroke of a pen like Obama did with so many other things but that's not the way this country works and it's why the Founders put in the 2A.

HMS Defiant said...

What is it they say? You never regret something until you've lost it. The people in the blue states lost 100% control over the bureaucrats when they went to a single party control of the legislature and the governor. All the checks and balances were swept away in a tide of liberal feel good progressivism. Dumbshits.